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Like most people who live and work in our city, I’ve been asked to answer the question, “Why Buffalo?”

Why live here? Why buy a house here? Why deal with the weather? Often I wish I could show those who ask a series of moments from my life: a nice dinner with friends or a beautiful day in Delaware Park or the many times my neighborhood feels more like a small village of 100 and not a city. In those moments, I think, “This is Buffalo” and I know why I’m here.

These photos are the closest I could come to capturing and sharing those moments.

This blog is about my life in Buffalo, the people and places I experience. It’s not an advertisement or agenda, nor is it going to represent everyone’s experience. It’s my love letter to the city, made out of pixels. I hope you enjoy it.


Who is this?
I’m Whitney. I live in Buffalo, New York in a house I bought when I was 23. It’s on the West Side of the city. I’m in my late 20s now. I like to take photos, write, read, eat & drink with my friends, and spend time with my family. I’m a newlywed. I work for the City of Buffalo but that’s not what this blog is about. You can visit my personal website at whitneyarlene.com.

Are all these photos taken in the City of Buffalo? 
No matter if you grew up in Hamburg or Snyder or Allentown, if people ask you where you’re from you say, “Buffalo.” So in that spirit some of my “this is bflo” photos may be taken on adventures outside the city lines. I work, live, and play in the city for the most part but part of my great life in Buffalo includes trips out to the ‘burbs and rural towns.

Mark Miller - What equipment do you use? Your shots are great!

whitney - Thanks! Right now I use a Nikon D60 with a couple different lenses. Hoping to upgrade in the near future :)

Rachel - rss reader or subscribe/follow options please :)

whitney - Rachel – You should be able to add the feed to whatever RSS reader you use with this link: http://www.thisisbflo.com/feed/

This site design is temporary and a new one is in the works for January. It will hopefully have more options for following/social media.

Cass Clarke - Stumbled on you via Will Creeley. Love your work. I live over near Delaware Park, and feel your latest photo might get me ready : )

Chris Schaeffer - Thanks for this

Celia White - I’m a poet & librarian in an Allentown-adjacent neighborhood we call the VETTE (Virginia, Edward, Trinity, Tupper, S. Elmwood). Have you thought of putting out a book? I love what you have going on here.

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